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  1. With the submission of an application to participate in the Chicago Day Parade, you and your entry hereby agree to follow and abide by all Parade Guidelines & Rules and Regulations.

  2. The Chicago Federation of Labor/Parade Organizers do not accept every applicant and reserves the right to accept or reject any organization’s parade application.

  3. The application serves as a waiver of release for your organization. By signing the application, you are thus signing the waiver and agreeing to the terms therein.

  4. Your organization assumes responsibility for your participants.

  5. All participants must be in appropriately themed costumes, outfits or uniforms.

  6. All entries should be decorated or have a patriotic theme. The tow vehicle does not need to be decorated but must display the name of your group and/or company on both sides of your entry.

  7. Companies and/or organizations that will walk in the parade are encouraged to carry a banner displaying the name of the group or company. Banner carriers must be capable of maintaining the parade pace.

  8. Unless there is an emergency, participants are not allowed to get on or off floats or vehicles while it is in motion, anytime or anywhere on the parade route.

  9. Participants should be aware that it is possible that an emergency vehicle may need to leave the parade suddenly in the event of an emergency.

  10. Parade participants are not allowed to distribute candy, pamphlets or other materials along the parade route unless stated in the Parade Application for the Chicago Federation of Labor/Parade Organizers for approval.

  11. No vehicles are allowed on the parade route with participating units unless noted on the Parade Application and approved by the Chicago Federation of Labor/Parade Organizers.

  12. All approved vehicles in the parade must be licensed, registered and insured.

  13. All drivers must possess a valid operator’s license for the type of vehicle they are driving, and all vehicles must have valid insurance. All motorized vehicles in the parade must be operated by an individual at least 18 years of age.

  14. Proper paperwork must always accompany vehicle and submitted with the entry’s application.

  15. All animals must be noted on the Parade Application and abide by city, state, and federal ordinances and/or laws apply to all participating animals. All equine units must have a negative Coggins test within the past twelve months of the date of the parade and have proof of such test at the parade.

  16. Parade units must follow instructions from parade marshals and operations staff.

  17. Parade participants must keep pace with the line of march. All units must maintain forward motion during the parade. No counter marching or other maneuver contrary to the forward progress of the parade is allowed. Gaps are not allowed to occur.

  18. Alcoholic beverages and other controlled substances are forbidden on and along the parade route. This policy includes all staging and disband areas. Participants consuming said substances prior to or during the parade will not be allowed to participate and will be removed from the line of march.

  19. All conduct shall comply with federal, state, or local laws, statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, and policies, and the Chicago Federation of Labor/Parade Organizers have the right to deny participation to any entry failing to comply therewith.

  20. The parade staff reserves the right to remove any unit from the line of march for any reason or cause without advance notice.

  21. The parade will take place rain or shine.

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